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A List Of Winning Dissertation Ideas On Natural Resources Engineering

If you need to write a winning dissertation on natural resources engineering, you’ll firstly need to pick a great topic. With so many areas of natural resources engineering to choose from, this may not seem like an easy task.

You should start off by making a list of the different areas you are interested in; then discount some and research those that appeal to you. The more interest you have in your chosen topic, the better you will be able to write it! But you also need to make sure that there is plenty of research information out there to use. Think through different ideas carefully before you decide on your own dissertation subject.

To help you get started, here’s a winning list of topic ideas:

  • Finding solutions to waterborne diseases.
  • How can we improve waste water management?
  • Controlling air pollution.
  • A study of environmental engineering law.
  • The problem of electronic waste.
  • A comparative study of municipal water supplies.
  • Industrial wastewater treatment systems.
  • Air pollution dispersal models.
  • HAARP and weather modification.
  • Why tighter controls should be imposed by the U.S Environmental Protection Agency.
  • Natural resource engineering for sustainable agriculture in arid lands.
  • Using environmental engineering in West Africa.
  • Exploring the future of environmental technology.
  • The transportation methods for solid waste.
  • Dealing with agricultural pests with natural resources engineering.

Those are just a few to whet your appetite and point you in the right direction, although it’s a good idea to actively search out more topic ideas as well. Have a look in your campus library archives to find past student dissertations. What ideas have been chosen in the past and which ones worked the best? The more samples you study, the better a position you will be in for writing your own.

You will also find samples of papers and lists of topic suggestions online. There are plenty of helpful websites on the internet that can spark more ideas off- but make sure that you find a list on reliable sites. The last thing you want to do is base your thesis on a bad example! The more examples you look at, the better informed you will be to make your decision. Make sure that the sites you’re using are trustworthy by using educational and academic ones of established professionalism.

It can also be a good idea to talk through topic ideas with your fellow students, or with your course tutor. It’s always best to get a second opinion before you dive head first into creating your winning dissertation.


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