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25 Amazing Ideas For Your Dissertation On Disney

Disney is normally considered the happiest place on the planet. Kids love it, adults love it; pretty much everyone who has ever had the chance to get here loves this place. Perhaps your teacher loves Disney so much that you have been tasked with writing a dissertation about it. If you ever find yourself in such a position, the following are some brilliant ideas that will help you write a dissertation that you would be proud of:

  1. Write a dissertation describing reasons why Disney is considered one of the happiest places on the planet
  2. Explain the importance of Disney to the lives of so many young children in the country
  3. Discus how Walter Elias Disney became one of the most popular icons of the 20th century
  4. Discuss the negative influence that Disney cartoons present to kids
  5. Cartoons have been known to help children learn and grow. What are some of the lessons that kids can learn from them?
  6. Compare and contrast Disney cartoons from back in the day and modern day cartoons
  7. Discuss the challenge of unrealistic beauty as portrayed in Disney films
  8. Explain some of the lessons that young girls can learn from Disney with respect to humility
  9. How can kids learn to respect their adults based on their favorite Disney programs?
  10. Discuss the element of helplessness as portrayed in Disney animations
  11. Does helplessness necessarily mean hopelessness? Discuss citing reference from Disney classics
  12. How do kids learn to be independent from watching Disney programs?
  13. What is the role of the parent in making sure that their kids learn important lessons from Disney cartoons?
  14. Discuss the case of objectifying women based on the Disney classics.
  15. Explain how Disney classics impart the concept of fate to kids form an early age
  16. Young kids grow up with the idea of an impossible future based on the movies form Disney. Discuss
  17. The programs that kids watch from Disney encourage them to grow up to be princes and princesses, only for life to hit them with the sad reality of no royalty. Discuss
  18. Such films like Aladdin are all about fantasy. Discuss the role of fantasy in the life of a small child
  19. Explain how kids’ perception of Disney cartoons makes them grow intellectually
  20. Discuss how Disney characters can be positive role models to kids
  21. What are some of the similarities between the Disney princesses and the female politicians of today?
  22. Explain the social challenges that small girls go through when it hits them that they will never be princesses, or live in castles
  23. Discuss the element of submission as portrayed in Disney classics
  24. Discuss the importance of family as seen in most of the Disney stories
  25. With respect to Disney classics, compare and contrast any current monarchies in the world that you are aware of.

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