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Basic Tips On Creating A Financial Dissertation Title

The title of your financial dissertation is very important indeed, both in content and wording. It determines and is a reflection of the purpose of your dissertation paper. Make sure it’s both clear and concise. When creating your title, think about the impression it makes on the reader. Is it a one-sentence summary of your entire work? Does it compel the reader to want to read your paper?

Tips on writing a compelling dissertation title

This is your first chance to fill the reader in about the subject of your dissertation. It is only a few words, yet has the ability to highlight the purpose of your research study. It can hint on the outcome of your work, but must be properly constructed. Otherwise it will just be confusing from the very beginning.

The components of a good name for your paper include what the reader expects, what they learn, its purpose as well as its style. It should be long enough to convey a clear message yet not be too wordy or cumbersome.

It should include your area of interest, the focus of your study, the outcome of the research, and important components of your methods or strategies.

Difference between the topic and the title

Even though they both describe the subject of your dissertation paper, there are key differences between the topic, the thesis statement and the title. The title is simply the name. It must be chosen carefully to fulfill the requirements listed above. The topic describes in more detail what the research project is about. The name is the first thing the reader sees. It gives them a general overview of the entire paper.

The topic or thesis statement sometimes forms a questions, which the contents of the paper will answer. It may be an opinion, argument or simply a means to provide information. It is located at the end of the introduction paragraph.

Components of a great title

  • Its purpose is to communicate the main points of your project and give an accurate representation of the purpose and outcome.
  • It should be compelling, unique and informative.
  • It should be clear, concise and precise.
  • It should focus on what’s important and not contain any unnecessary content or extraneous wording.
  • It should be distinctive and easily recognisable from other pieces of similar writing.
  • It should have its own page.

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