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The 15 Best Master's Dissertation Topics In Economics

Some of the 15 best master’s dissertation topics can be found in three main areas of economics. These include topics within national economies, topics to do with economic growth and development issues, and topics that deal with trade issues.

National Economies

There are numerous services where you can find a professional dissertation writer for hire who will help you with topics on national economies. Some of the 15 best master’s dissertation topics in economics under national economies tend to focus on broad issues such as global economic crisis, reforms in fiscal policy, monetary policy and public policy in general, arguments centered on privatization of semi-public services, energy prices, technology, and employment. Some master’s dissertation topics that can be derived from these general areas include:

  • Effects of reforms in public policy issues like tax, trade, spending, regulations and redistribution on a country’s economic performance
  • The effects of global economic and financial crisis on fiscal and monetary policy rules on public spending
  • The impact of fluctuations in oil prices and energy prices on the economy
  • Impact of exchange and interest rate volatility on exports
  • The role of demand and supply side policies in an economy

Economic Growth and Development Issues

Issues that deal with economic growth and development in a country are also prominent among 15 best master’s dissertation topics in economics. The topics tend to focus on various broad issues such as economics performance and conflicts, infrastructure and economic performance or growth, balanced and unbalanced economic growth, economic inequality, technology, and health issues. Some potential topics for study that fall under economic growth and development issues include:

  • The impact of investment in infrastructure on economic growth
  • The economic cost of conflicts and health epidemics on a country’s economic development
  • The impact of high environmental standards on the rate of economic growth
  • The role of economic growth in promoting economic inequality
  • The role of increased spending on research and development in promoting economic growth

Trade Issues

Some of the 15 best master’s dissertation topics in economics can also be derived from trade issues. The topics can focus on topics that deal with tariff and non-tariff barriers, global trade, foreign investment, regional economic blocks, and trade liberalization. Some possible dissertation topics include:

  • Examination of the impact of tariff and non-tariff barriers of trade on regional integration
  • The impact of global free trade on wage and income inequalities
  • The impact of foreign direct investment on economic growth
  • The impact of regional economic cooperation on member countries
  • The impact of trade liberalization on immigration to developed countries

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