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How To Choose A Dissertation Topic That Will Make Your Paper Stand Out

Writing the dissertation is an incredibly difficult assignment. It is unlike any other. That being said, one of the biggest challenges many students face is picking a topic. Until they select their topic, writing the dissertation does not happen. Work cannot be started until the topic is selected. When you are selecting your dissertation topic, you want to push the envelope.

  1. Pushing the envelope
  2. This is a phrase that has probably been heard millions of times. It's actually a mathematical reference. The term envelope is actually a term for a curve which encloses every other curve within a family. So, the outer curve is the limit of performance for an aircraft. Test pilots were told that they should push their envelope so that they could test the aircraft that they were using and find its limits. That phrase is now being applied to the field of writing and academics. But it means something a bit different in this realm the phrase means that your topic should not repeat something that already exist.

    It means that your topic should be something that other professionals in your field will want to read. When they are searching for information on a broad subject, they will want to read your narrowed research.

    It also means that the research you conduct should teach other researchers in your field new information. The research that you complete should be useful to other researchers in your field. When future researchers are framing their projects, they should be able to refer to what you have completed. So when you are coming up with your topic, you want to be able to shed new light on things that have already been completed or look at things in a new way.

  3. Make sure your methods match your theory and vice versa.
  4. When you are considering your topics, make sure that you have the qualitative or quantitative methods necessary to answer your questions. Try and select a theoretical framework with a corresponding method. If you develop your theory and your method simultaneously you will find this process is significantly easier.

And remember, your topic should not be a question that you can answer with a simple yes or a simple no. It must be much broader than that. It must have a lot more depth in order to be successful.


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