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12 Absolutely New Dissertation Topics In Physical Geography

It may be tough to come up with a new and original topic for your dissertation in physical geography. All the general aspects of the subject have been researched deeply and repeatedly. However, there are still some interesting and unusual ideas to choose from.

Things to Consider First

Physical geography encompasses a range of subcategories, and you should clearly realize which category you want to focus on in your dissertation. Namely, you may want to explore climatology, meteorology, hydrology, pedology, environmental management, etc. You may study biosphere, lithosphere, atmosphere, or hydrosphere in your paper as well. However, your dissertation topic will stand out from the crowd only if you make it even narrower by focusing on a specific locality or investigating the development of a particular physical geography issue in a limited time span.

New Physical Geography Topics for Your Inspiration

  1. How can soil in your locality be characterized? Are there any interesting phenomena that occur due to these characteristics? What plants grow there? What is the chemical composition of the soil resources in the place?
  2. How did post-glacial processes influence the development of the environment in your locality? How is the ecosystem on the spot similar to and different from similar ecosystems on the continent?
  3. How has the ecosystem in your locality changed in the last 10 years? Was it influenced by human or natural factors? Is the change negative or positive?
  4. How effective are the environmental laws enacted by the government of your country? Focus on a specific legislation act passed 10 to 20 years ago and analyze its results.
  5. How can geophysical methods be applied in forensic science? How reliable are such techniques?
  6. What unusual climate changes can you observe in your locality these days? Can they be explained by global warming or are there any other influencing factors?
  7. What factors define the quality of water in your locality? How does it differ from the characteristics of water in neighboring regions and why?
  8. How often do droughts occur in your locality? How can the phenomenon be explained?
  9. What are the best ways to study urban geography? Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of qualitative and quantitative approaches in your dissertation.
  10. What is the plantation forestry? Is it possible to develop this industry in your locality?
  11. Which species of your locality are considered to be endangered? What steps are being taken to preserve them? Are the steps effective?
  12. Are there any changes in seasonal vegetation in your locality? What factors do these changes depend on?

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