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Guidelines For Writing The Acknowledgement Section For Your Dissertation

At the top of all the degrees and certifications you can accrue, the Ph.D. or doctorate is often at the top of the list. This degree takes years to work towards and then even when you think you are done there is one last hurdle, your dissertation. This paper takes a very long time to write and is composed of many different parts that leave students with the need for help for the many different parts. Below is a general guideline for writing your acknowledgement section.

Guideline for acknowledgements

  • The first thing is how to format it. The basic format for an acknowledgement page is
    1. The word Acknowledgments in all caps centered at the top of the page.
    2. The page number should be Roman numeral ii, center aligned and one inch from the bottom.
    3. You indent the body of the text and double space it.
  • The next thing is knowing who you can thank and how to do it. You can thank:
    1. Friends
    2. Family
    3. Colleagues
    4. Organizations or institutions
    5. Research crew, etc.
  • You can think any number of people, but it is important that even when thanking friends or family you keep it in a formal tone, so it does not come off as unprofessional.
  • The page can be in paragraphs or lists, with lists you can better write down who to thank and what they contributed. If you do a list, it is better seen if you thank in order of contribution, often starting with your supervisor and going down the list of people who helped you out. Using the paragraph approach you can list people who did similar things to help and thank all of them at one time instead of repeating yourself over and again.
  • The length of the page is also important. It is good to keep it brief to display professionalism but it does not do to have only a few sentences because then it seems like you have no one to thank, and it makes it seem almost rude.

The dissertation may seem like a huge hurdle to have to overcome because there are so many parts to try and write and with all of them needing specific formatting and lengths it makes it seem harder than it has to be. The above guideline should help you write the best acknowledgement page to help your dissertation be the best you can give.

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