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How To Write The Methodology Chapter Of A Dissertation?

If you are writing a dissertation then you may well need to write a methodology chapter as part of the paper. If this is the case then you may have questions relating to how it is that you actually write the work. The following outlines various things that you need to consider when writing this section of your paper.

Include details about what questions you are attempting to answer and what obstacles you may face

One of the first sections of your methodology chapter will outline the aims of the dissertation, as well as providing details of any obstacles or difficulties that you expect that you might come across. Essentially, you will be able to explain in your methodology chapter how it is that you will attempt to answer these questions.

Define the approach you wish to take with the research

As part of your dissertation you will have to carry out research. In the methodology chapter you will explain what methods you intend to use, as well as why you chose them. Furthermore, you can also go on to explain exactly how it is that you intend to use these methods and what you will need to do in order to ensure that any data and information you collect is as relevant and accurate as possible.

Describe how you will collect information and data

As mentioned, you will need to explain your research methods, you may also have other individual techniques for gathering information and data, which you will need to describe. For example, if you’re carrying out interviews and questionnaires with members of the public, perhaps for a dissertation in the social sciences, then you can explain what processes you will follow, as well as potentially any ethical issues that may need to be addressed while carrying out such research methods.

Explain how you will analyze your findings

Having completed any research methods that you intend to use, you will need to analyse the findings. In the methodology chapter you can explain exactly how you intend to analyse your findings, and what you hope to achieve. For example, you can give further information as to how you will eliminate any anomalous results from your research, as well as how you may wish to combine and incorporate different sets of data and information that was gathered as a result of two or more different research methods.


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