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5 Tips On How To Write A Good Dissertation Proposal In Marketing

If you are writing your first dissertation proposal, it is easy to be intimidated by a task that appears very daunting. Follow these five tips and you will find the process a lot simpler:

  1. When in doubt, ask your Supervisor
  2. Supervisors have seen more than their fair share of proposals. They can quickly spot any problems that need to be sorted out. Supervisors know what the defense panel will be looking or when D-day comes. Always seek their advice – and do whatever they tell you to do.

    Write a short list of research topics and run them by your supervisors. They will help you to select a good research topic. You need a topic that is interesting and researchable.

  3. Be practical
  4. Pick a research topic that is practical. Bear in mind logistical issues like costs, time and access to data. If it costs money you don’t have, then you probably need to pick another topic. If you have a difficult time accessing the sources of information, then it may not be the right topic to take on. If it will take five years to research, leave it alone. Remember you are trying to get a degree, not to win a Nobel peace prize. Talk to other people who have done it before. This way you can learn from their experiences.

  5. Do a Comprehensive Literature Review
  6. Make your literature review as exhaustive as possible. Your literature review will determine the quality of your dissertation. It will help to shape everything from refining your research topic, to your scope and limitations, to your research questions, to your research methods, research design and data analysis. Even your theoretical framework will be shaped by the findings of the literature review. As a general rule, the better the literature review, the better the paper.

  7. Avoid Writing it too long
  8. A dissertation proposal should not be any longer than 30 pages. If it is too long, you may be asked to rewrite it in a more concise manner.

  9. Format, format, format
  10. Always follow the prescribed format. If the format of the proposal is not the one that is acceptable to your university, no one will read beyond the first page! Talk to your supervisors or your university librarian for advice on the format required. Don’t overlook any detail.

These steps will help you begin writing a good proposal for your research.


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