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A List Of Interesting University-Level Dissertation Topics In Business

Finding original topics can often be a challenge and one can be stuck at the starting point. In this document I will attempt to provide you with some options that are interesting:

  1. Many businesses play a huge role in their societies, especially those of third world countries. As a result they are often involved in local politics. Discuss the ways that government practices affect businesses in small countries.
  2. In modern times, traversing the world is possible in a matter of hours, as a result many businesses have found their success in the global market. Discuss how the globalization of business markets affect all businesses.
  3. Companies can get crushed under the influence of larger ones and so many expand their reach into the global market to survive. What are the advantages or disadvantages of introducing foreign technological companies into a new country?
  4. Globalization is a main part of business and will no doubt affect the way people interact with each other locally. Explore how globalization has changed the way business team interact.
  5. Explore the ways in which government law and involvement affect the practices and possible success or failure of businesses.
  6. How does diverse student backgrounds in terms of culture and religion affect the students of business today?
  7. How does Militarily influence on production and business industries affect the overall industry of business and production.
  8. How can the factors affecting government implementation of e-commerce system within their economy be overcome.
  9. Discuss issues faced by women in corporate positions around the world and compare it to those faced by men in the same positions.
  10. Quite often, the brand name decides the opinion we have for a particular product but may actually be quite irrelevant to the quality of the product. Discuss how consumer purchasing and usage of products is affected by branding.
  11. Explore the ways different leadership styles can affect am employee’s performance and determine the possible successful and unsuccessful styles of leadership.
  12. Businesses often rely on employees more than they admit for their success. Explore the way employee involvement can affect the performance and success of a company.
  13. Explore the factors that a company must research and assess before stepping into the global market.
  14. Explore the benefits of using celebrity actors as advertising tools compared to using non celebrity actors. Is there really a difference in product appeal?
  15. Explore the possibility that fitness and health promotions can be nothing more than cures for non-existing problems created by media and celebrity sensationalism.

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