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How To Find An Example Of A Dissertation Research Methodology

Examples give you a practical feel of what is expected once you complete your work. However, the quality of the work you produce will largely depend on the example you use. There are numerous dissertation research methodology examples available but only a few sources offer reliable examples. Where do you find a credible example to safeguard the quality of your work?

  1. Ask From Your Supervisor
  2. Your supervisor and his committee are your first source of materials. They are tasked with guiding you through the writing process. This guidance includes providing reliable samples and examples for reference purposes. Do not waste time stuck because you do not know what to do. Consult with the committee and your supervisor to ensure that you get a reliable example.

  3. Go to the Library
  4. Libraries are stocked with a great deal of reference materials to assist students in different levels of learning. This includes dissertation research methodology for different disciplines. To protect the reputation of universities and provide proper guidance to students, libraries thoroughly vet all the materials stocked. You are therefore guaranteed the best quality example from the library.

  5. Have You Talked to Your Colleagues or Seniors?
  6. Your classmates are likely to be a step ahead. They might also have come across excellent examples and are already using them in their writing. Approach one of them for assistance in getting a quality sample. Such samples are usually free with your friends offering to assist in areas where you are experiencing difficulty. They work with you through discussion groups with an incredible sense of genuineness. They are not motivated by money, but a desire to see you complete your classes as well.

    Seniors may assist you with copies of their own work. This is a better option considering that they studied in your department. This means that they followed almost the same rules and are therefore better placed to offer guidance.

  7. Look Online
  8. The internet has numerous resources in different disciplines for use by the public. All you need to do is identify a credible website from where you will be downloading your resources. The best sites are university websites or portals hosted by reputable institutions.

There are commercial websites offering dissertation research methodology examples at a fee. During your search, you must provide very specific details to avoid getting the wrong sample which would mislead your work. Your supervisor and the committee remain the most reliable sources of credible examples.


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