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Composing A Cover Page For A Dissertation: Where To Get A Sample

Creating a cover page for your dissertation won’t be difficult as there are plenty of sources that can offer you some excellent samples. You should study several of them in order to develop a cover that will be fitting for your research.

You can get some free high quality examples from:

  • Your advisor.
  • In fact, your advisor is the first person you should talk to about this. Your cover page must meet some strict formal requirements set by the university. Dissertation advisors have plenty of experience in dealing with these issues. This person will be able to provide you with a detailed list of requirements as well as some examples.

    You should show your completed page to the advisor so he or she can check it for mistakes.

  • Dissertation writing assistance websites.
  • Nowadays, you can find quite a few websites that specialize in dissertation writing rips. They offer many different articles you can find useful when working on this project. They also provide examples with detailed explanations that can be most helpful.

  • Custom writing companies.
  • These firms can write your whole paper if you are willing to pay for this. They also offer free samples for you to study. Use this opportunity to get some high quality examples created by experienced professionals.

  • University library.
  • Dissertations written by students are stored in the library of your university, so you only need to ask for a few of them in order to get your hands on some very good examples. The biggest benefit of this source is the fact that you can be sure that the title pages you find here meet the requirements set by the school.

  • University website.
  • The official web page of your university should offer some samples as well as a detailed list of formatting requirements that any kind of academic paper must meet. Be sure to study this list first and check whether the samples you find fit the rules.

  • Older friends.
  • If you have some friends who have already completed their dissertations, you can ask them for help with your title page.

Be sure to double-check all the margins, spaces, and other seemingly minor details on the title page. This is the “face” of your paper, even though it might seem very insignificant to you. However, the title makes the initial impression, which can be very strong. Should you make any mistake here, your readers might focus on finding other mistakes instead of trying to understand your research.


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