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Communication campaigns to show that the company cares are critical to keep customers satisfied. When customers are informed and yet that their opinion matters they are more satisfied, The link between personalized communication and satisfied customers override a warm and responsive community for carefully targeted personalized, additional offers satisfied customers are also less likely to defect to a competitor.

Today customers want more than just product they to be satisfied that they reserved a great total value package tracking customer behavior to gain into customer tasks and evolving needs. By organizing a using this information, firms then design develop and deliver better acquirers new customers for a company products and services by building awareness and encouraging that communication also maintains a products current customer base by reinforcing their purchase behavior by providing additional information about the benefits.

Communication involves the two ways that is between and organization and its public. It requires listening to the constituencies on which organization depends as well as analyzing and understanding the attitudes and behavior of those audiences.

Communication often give products a boost by crating or renewing visibility communication can interest the media in familiar products and services in a number of ways including holding seminars for journalists, staging a special media day and supplying the media with printed material to focus consumers attention. Effective communication activities influence perceptions of the general public.

Communication consists of all processes by which information is transmitted and received. The subject matter may include facts, intentions, attitude and the chief purpose of communication is to make the receiver to understand what is in the mind of the sender. Communication is considered a function of modern management which is very important aspect when dealing with employees. Employees’ performance is mostly affected by how well employees can identify their own goals with those of the organization helping them to do so in the central objective of employees’ communication programs to be fully effective a communication program must be properly organized and integrated into the structure of their corporate enterprise. It must also have the support of the top management to operate in a climate favorable to free and open exchange of views, attitudes, and a bad continuity. Feedback is a response of the receiver to the message of.

It is important because it confirms whether the communication has been understood by the receiver and interpreted correctly, without timely communication of accurate information management cannot effectively conduct its functions of organizing, directing, controlling and coordinating the activities of the enterprise nor can it maintain it external relationship, It is the function of the office to communicate the management decision to different levels of staff and to outsiders.

Communication is defined as giving, receiving or exchanging of information, opinions or ideas by writing, speech or visual means so that the materials communicated is completely understood by everyone concerned. Downward communication is the most frequent form of communication within the organization, where higher levels communicate with the staff below them. In this category are communications like memos, notices, newsletters, company handbook, procedure materials. Upward communication the flow is equally important as the downward flow. Communications are directed upwards to mangers, supervisors or directors by using memos, reports meetings and informal discussions. If communication is performed more effectively and problems are solved more quickly communication should be a key in effective service delivery by ensuring frequent update on performance of every individual in the organization.

This leads to a better relationship and dispersion of power and authority in the organization. Effective communication result in positive interaction and this is because individuals encourages and facilitate each other’s effort. In order to achieve organizational goals employees provide each other with efficient, effective help and assistance exchange needed resources such as information and materials more effectively and efficiently.

However, poor communication result in low productivity due to workers setting low goals for themselves, lack of confidence in their ability and assuming that they will fail no matter how hard they try. This can result to workers being very critical to each other and withdraw socially due to feeling awkward, self-conscious and vulnerable to rejection.

Communication is the process by which information is internationally or an internationally exchange between individuals specifically, it is the transfer and understanding of meaning. People in organization and especially managers spend a lot of time exchanging ideas or information. Hence communication is important in performing organizational tasks, but the importance cannot be over emphasized because whatever we do either in or our working or private lives has to be communicated. Communication serves these four major functions within any organization, control, motivation, emotional expression and information. Communication controls employees, behavior, organizations have hierarchies of authority and formal guidelines that employees are required to follow job descriptions and applying with company policies. Communication foster motivation by clarifying to employees what can be done, and how it is to be done to improve performance. Communication that takes place within a working group is a fundamental mechanism by which members express their feelings. In this way, it provides a release for the emotional expression and for fulfillment of social goals. Communication also facilitates decision making by gathering and providing the information that employees and management need to make decisions.

The importance of communication are as follows: Aid to managerial performance-communication helps managers to secure information for decision making to diagnose the various problems faced by him and to decide on action to be taken to solve them. Through communication they are able to pan property, to organize objectively, direct decisively and control correctly.

Communication stands out as an important tool for management process. Aid to understand and acceptance of work, it is established fact that individuals can produce miracle if they have an interest in their work but within an enterprise that can only be possible when employees understand and accept their work. Aid to job satisfaction, employees can be made to perform better and more efficiently if they knew what they are supposed to do what type of authority they have.

What their relationships with others in the organization are, how their job helps in the accomplishment of the enterprise objectives. All this is possible if there is proper and effective communication means hence helping employees secure job satisfaction is through communication that management can present an acceptable image to the outside world. In performance of the activities the enterprise come into contact with a wide variety of people therefore relations with these different strata of society can be considerably improved through effective handling means of communication.

It is only though effective office communication system that leadership, good human relation, high morale and motivation in the organization can be maintained to ensure success of management objectives. It is a matter of general agreement that the main purpose of all communication in an organization is the general welfare of the organization. Effectively communication is needed on the various aspect of the enterprise, the feasibility of the project being undertaken, finances involved and manpower required. At the execution stage orders are issued to the employees to start work, the workers associated with the project are constantly motivated and kept involved , a sense of discipline is cultivated among them and their morale is kept high.

All this requires constant two- way communication between the managers and employees, then at the assessment stage , the manager is again required to communicate with various sources both internal and external to assess the success of’ the project. The following are the objectives of communication towards the employees. Raising morale is a powerful intangible factor representing the sum of several qualities like courage, resolution and confidence.

It binds employees with a sense of togetherness and impels them to work in cooperation with one another in the best interest of their organization. This can be elaborated as the gains an organization gains by doing things in a large scale manner compared to the way it does things normally. This is known to bring about benefits to the organization in the end apart from the known monetary profits but their things like time gained and other aspects that will be discussed below to paint a clear picture of what economies the scale are all about. For everything, there is always the good side and the bad side of it that has a negative impact on the organization as a whole and staff. In understanding both aspects of economies of scale, a person can be able to analyze how this will be used in the organization upon critical thinking and analysis.

In an elaborate manner if an organization is used to produce things in a small number and the cost can be handled through various areas of organization then there is the capacity to expand if the demand of the product is there. The organization is advised to buy more raw materials to make the products and hire more staff to be able to handle the new capacity and production targets. There is the aspect where the organization can consider to automate its process with the increase in raw materials.

The above two actions bring the organization accost saving by buying in bulk the raw material and the speed of processing will increase since it will be machines doing the job now. Machines are considered to be efficient, and error free compared to human beings who are complicated and are not one hundred percent accurate. The essence of doing these is tapping to economies of scale with the aim of the organization gaining.

There is another aspect of economies of scale that is the capital and labor intensive. This aspect of economies of the scale is where a business chooses to invest in highly qualified personnel to ensure the organization gets the best gains from its staff than from hiring staff who are not qualified the quality of the work is low and the organization losses. This is a common thing that most organization are employing these days. They can also pump a lot of money into the organization in various areas, as a way of ensuring people will always be in a position to use the money to lower the cost of things in the future.

This is seen by the buying of machines which is one time thing that costs the organization much at once then the returns start coming in slowly as time passes. The benefits are meant to be felt immediately through the output and though there will be challenges that the organization must anticipate at all times to ensure it has a plan to implement in case a problem arises. This plan is vital, and management can find a way of making this their advantage. The overall advantage of economies of the scale is lower production cost and high returns.

This is what the organization strives to achieve always. The downside of this system is normally know to be the cost implication of this strategy and fear the organization might end up going back to the state where it was by having a high cost of production with highly little savings. The thin line is extremely hard to draw by most organizations hence they must always be on the look out of the strategy they employ.

Disadvantages of being in a large organization are the employees feel like their needs are not being met. This is know as the balancing act problem where the organization tries to produce more, save more at the same time not be insensitive to the needs of its staff. The leadership style in the organization a matters a lot since it can determine whether the strategies employed will be a recipe for success or disaster to the organization.

The number of factors an organization has to consider when implementing economies of scale to get benefits that accrue from that matter differ from the small organizations to the large organizations. A good example is the mechanization of a process in the production, which translates to people losing their jobs, and if it is a large organization, the number of people losing their jobs are many.

On deciding which alternative to pursue I will do a cost benefit analysis of all the possible scenarios in relation to the organizations and see which option will bring the organization profits in the short term or the long term. The essence of this is to ensure the action I decide upon will be for the best interest of the organization. Be it long term or short term.

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