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Useful Recommendations On How To Make A Good Thesis Cover Page For College

Writing a thesis is hard, so it isn’t surprising that most students consider it being the most complicated kind of academic writing. When you are working on your thesis, every detail is important, especially the formatting of a cover page. College students often don’t know how to make a good cover page for their papers. It’s a good idea to study the following useful recommendations first:

  • Figure out what elements you should include in the cover page.
  • The number and formatting of the necessary elements depends on the formatting style that you are required to use. The fullest list of these elements includes a title, your degrees if any, the names of department, school, and program, a study semester, copyright statement, and sometimes, an all rights reserved statement.

  • Remember the basics.
  • Students often forget about simple formatting requirements. For example, they place a page number or leave empty paragraphs between the elements. Study a formatting guide carefully or else you’ll upset your supervisor. Bear in mind that people often judge a thesis by its cover.

  • Find a good template and use it properly.
  • You might ask your supervisor where to look for a good cover page template. Make sure to find a document compatible with the software installed on your computer. It’s also a good idea to get several examples of theses written by other students and format your paper likewise.

  • Double-check your title.
  • It’s important to write the title in the same way on all documents. Try to limit it to ten-twelve words if possible. Avoid using abbreviations. Don’t place quotation marks around the title. Remember that you shouldn’t include a period after the title. Find several theses written on similar topics and learn how other students composed their titles.

  • Provide all the required personal details.
  • Don’t forget to write your middle name, indicate your department, and the name of your supervisor. If you have any doubts about how to spell the name and title of your supervisor, you should ask him or her. It’s confusing if your supervisor finds out that you’ve mistaken his or her personal details.

  • Edit and proofread your cover page.
  • When your assignment is ready, you should check the cover page again. Sometimes, students find out that they wrote a wrong year or forgot to include the name of the school. It’s a good idea to ask other graduate students or recent graduates to look at your work and correct mistakes.

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