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Creating A Good Dissertation Abstract: 7 Things You Should Know

A good dissertation abstract acts as a shop window that makes a decisive point if to go through the dissertation abstract. A good abstract sells your research and hence it is highly important that you incorporate following points in the writing process-

  1. Have a clear understanding as in when to write an abstract:
  2. Remember, the abstract is the first thing to be noticed in the paper, but is written at the end. By the time your research gets completed and time for dissertation writing comes in the picture, you get a very clear idea as in what to be included. Ensure that you do not include any extraneous statement or irrelevant content that is not part of your dissertation.

  3. Way to write an abstract:
  4. Check out the dos -

    • Write a stand-alone abstract. It is the gist of the dissertation that informs the reader about everything.
    • Include pertinent keywords that facilitate searching for your research by the readers.

    Check out the don’ts-

    • Avoid nonsense. Count each and every word that you write.
    • Avoid using the unexplained abbreviations.
    • Avoid quotations and references unless mandatory.
    • Avoid excessive technical languages and use of jargons.
  5. Highlight the novel methods: Undoubtedly, you have to follow a strict procedure of writing an objective, motivation, methods, results and conclusions in your abstract, but this does not mean that you include all the methods employed in the research, instead use only chief novel methods that complement your dissertation perfectly. Keep them highlighted.
  6. Results and conclusions: Straight away declare your result that is derived from the research. Be very specific and state its significance as in how your result is appropriate. Finally you need to draw a conclusion where the student is supposed to write the implications of the result discovered. Make the reader understand as in why the research carried holds the significance and sounds interesting for all the readers.
  7. Word limit is important: Do not forget about the word limit and since it is the summary of your entire thesis, it should not cross 150-200 words covering all the significant points.
  8. Avoid unnecessary words in the abstract: Keep the sentences clear and do not unnecessarily exaggerate the sentences.

Once you follow these tips diligently while writing an abstract, you are sure to assimilate all the chief points confining yourself within the word limit. Get it checked by your supervisor to ensure correctness o the subject.


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