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10 Smart Tips For Writing A Brilliant Postgraduate Dissertation

Writing a dissertation is a huge life event and a phenomenal task. It’s worth taking the extra time and effort to ensure an excellent outcome. The following tips will help you produce brilliant results with your dissertation writing.

  1. Do as much writing as you can along the way. Writing things down while they’re still fresh in your mind gives you a better chance of remembering everything. You will spend less time and effort in the future by doing some of the work daily or weekly. One recommendation is to write for a minimum of two hours daily for five days every week.
  2. Don’t try to make your first draft perfect. It’s more effective to do the writing and leave the editing and proofreading until later in the process.
  3. Garner the help of your committee members when you get stuck. Take their advice into consideration in your writing; they will be looking for specific things in your dissertation.
  4. Work from a well-structured outline. The outline will keep you on track and help to organize your thoughts and ideas as you are writing.
  5. Use an efficient method to keep your bibliography organized. Otherwise it’s too easy to get lost in mounds of paperwork.
  6. Make sure you follow every requirement and guideline for formatting. Failing to do so could result in stiff penalizations. Excellent format makes a dissertation shine.
  7. Do lots of practice writing leading up to your final draft. You will only get better the more you write.
  8. Take breaks in between long bouts of writing so you don’t burn out. Your quality of writing will stay at its peak when you are at your premium.
  9. Polish up your argument. Make sure there are no holes in it. Have someone inspect it for you. A brilliant argument is the first step to a brilliant postgraduate research paper.
  10. Editing and proofreading should be left to a professional. You can go over your final draft before handing it off to someone else, but it’s almost guaranteed you won’t find all the mistakes. Writers have a tendency to not see their own errors. This is a crucial step. You can’t have a brilliant paper if there are spelling or grammar errors in it. Your dissertation must be free of errors to be ranked in the brilliant category.

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