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Where To Look For A Dissertation Contents Page Example

When writing a dissertation, the contents page will usually come after the Abstract. This, of course, also depends on whether a contents page is required at all. Each university will have its own guidelines which you will need to follow. If you are looking for an example of a contents page, here is where to look for one.

  1. Dissertation guidebook
  2. Most universities produce their own guidebooks for their students. These books have detailed information on how to write a dissertation, the way to format it, how to cite sources and what its structure should be. In addition, at some universities, particular departments will also have their own guidebooks to suite their own students’ needs. Get a hold of a copy and you can look up the required structure for a contents page.

  3. School website
  4. Most schools have a student section on their websites which includes relevant academic information. Log on to your school website and find the help section where you will find guidelines on how to produce a whole dissertation, including the contents page.

    The school website may also include a repository containing previous works by star students. Look up the dissertations and you can find a great sample contents page from there.

  5. Student section at library
  6. Your school library will also have a student section which will have previous works by students on shelf. Ask a librarian for help if you cannot find what you are looking for. You can find some great examples here.

  7. Self-help books
  8. There are plenty of self-help books available that teach you how to excel at academic writing. You can find these in the library, in a shop or online, including in the form of an e-book. Get your hands on one and get going with a step by step guide on how to create a contents page.

  9. Online search engines
  10. You can use online search engines to look up great examples. Always use the appropriate search terms to get the best and most relevant results. Try and use different combinations of search terms for variation in results so that you can check out a wide array of examples. As always, be careful with the resources you use online as there is a lot of unwanted and unverified information online. Trust online verified sources such as universities or known academics.


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