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12 Unexplored Religious Studies Dissertation Ideas

As a graduate or doctoral student of Religious Studies, you will eventually be faced with the choice of a topic for your dissertation. I am presenting here 12 previously unexplored or under-explored topic suggestions.

  1. The Origin Of Cain's Kingdom: A study of the sources of the people ruled by Cain after his flight from his family.
  2. The original mention of God's creation of man indicates that man was intended to be a forager of wild fruits and grains, created both male and female at the same time on the sixth day of creation; and yet, after the seventh day, it is remarked that there was “not a man to till the ground.” Additionally, Adam was “formed” of the dust of the ground, rather than “created.”

  3. What Are The Most Relevant Factors to Consider When Choosing The Location For a New Church Plant?
  4. Should the Church Planting Committee choose a location based on population, or on population needs?

  5. How Can The Church Best Serve The Mentoring Needs of Women and Children?
  6. Women and Children are often the most willing to serve in the Church, but they are also the most often left out.

  7. A Study of the Impact of Deacon Control on the Modern Church.
  8. Deacons are often led to think of themselves as authorities in the Church, rather than as its Servants. This can be a destructive force in any Church and bears study.

  9. Comparisons Between Modern Literature and Scripture: How Christian principles appear in novels and stories to inspire the secular reader.
  10. Some of the best books to come out in the past decade contain many principles that are in agreement with the Word of God.

  11. Scientific Interpretations of Creation Theory.
  12. If we accept that God, being a Spirit, is a form of energy, then all of creation can be explained from a scientific point of view that is compatible with Physics as we understand it.

  13. The Power and Necessity of a Men's Prayer Group Within the Modern Church.
  14. Historically, there are many examples of the Power of God moving when Men gather to pray, and yet this practice has fallen off in recent years.

  15. What Limitations Should Be Placed on the Leadership of the Church Pastor?
  16. Howe much authority should the Pastor be allowed over the Church?

  17. How Preaching the Book of Revelation Can Stimulate Church Growth.
  18. The Book of Revelation contains a good deal of instruction for Churches and is helpful in guiding them in growth and development.

  19. Humor In Preaching: Using humor to encourage congregational participation in the sermon.
  20. Laughter may be the best medicine for an ailing Church.

  21. Christian Leadership At Home: The duties of parents in raising Christian Children.
  22. Teaching your young children to revere Christ and the Church can instill life-long attitudes in them.

  23. A Study of Obscure References to the Life of Jesus.
  24. There are many obscure mentions of Christ in history though few have ever been found to be certifiably genuine. A study of them may lead to new insights into Christian life for us today.

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