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A List Of Interesting Dissertation Topics In Civil Engineering

Civil engineering is one of the most popular specialities in engineering. If you are a student taking civil engineering, you will be required to undertake research on various topics. Note that any research in engineering involves a practical approach and strong analytical skills.

If you have been assigned a thesis or dissertation in civil engineering, ensure that you begin working on it as soon as possible. This will ensure that you have adequate time to do literature study, if needed, build a model and develop a good description of the results. This notwithstanding, developing great dissertation begins with choosing the right topic. In practice, your supervisor or professor will have to approve the topic that you have selected.

The following are topics that can help develop great idea on what to write to write in your civil engineering dissertation.

  • Comparison Study of Concentrating Solar Power Plants in Spain and the United States
  • Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) technology is a recent concept that makes it possible to store the excess solar energy so that it can be used later. To ensure that the program is successful, the Spanish and U.S. governments have developed subsidized programs. Your thesis on this topic may focus on evaluation of how effective these subsidy policies have been in the two countries and the effects on the respective economies.

  • Evaluating France’s Nuclear Power Management System
  • In this research, you can use software to create simulation model for the French nuclear power management system. Ensure that you clearly describe the different scenarios that include load demand changes, and analyse the vital safety concerns especially by those who live near the French nuclear power plants.

  • The Essential Aspects of Control System Software For The Electrical Systems In Freight And Shipping
  • The electrical systems on the modern airplanes and ships are complicated. They use Control system software that monitors and analyses conditions of the system and individual components. In your thesis, you can describe the system, while ensuring that you highlight its most important characteristics.

  • Construction of Tunnels in Cities For Underground Transport Systems – A Case Study Of Your Home City
  • Projects for construction of tunnels are in most cases complicated because of the many important details that must be considered. You can write an exciting thesis taking a tunnel in your area as the case study. You can explore how that tunnel was built, the problems encountered and how they were solved, and how it operates at the present.

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