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8 Helpful Hints On How To Complete An Architecture Dissertation

The dissertation is the culmination of many years of study and is supposed to represent all you have learned. You are supposed to use all of your skills you have accumulated up until now to create something new and exciting. Many of the discoveries and advances in different areas have been the result of works just as what you are supposed to create. New ideas are born every day and new advances in all areas including architecture come from just these works. Here are some hints on how to make your impact on the world with your own dissertation in architecture.

Of course, the biggest decision you will have to make is what your dissertation is going to be about. You will need to choose your topic. This will not happen overnight. It will take as much time to figure out your topic as it will to do your research. This is actually the hard part. Once you choose your topic you will be able to focus on the end result. Here are some ideas on how to choose your topic:

  1. Architecture is your passion hopefully since that is what you have chosen to be your career. Spend some time brainstorming so you can get some idea what really interests you about the field. Is it the computer enhancements, the original works, the actual drawing, how it affects the environment or what impact design has on people? Whatever it is you need to take some time. Write down ideas that pop into your head while driving or laying down. One of these ideas may be what blossoms into your thesis.
  2. Take time to read other works on architecture. You can gain some insight as to what might interest you. It may awaken something inside you that almost calls to you.
  3. Is there something that you studied that always bothered you? Is there something you thought wasn’t right about what you learned? If you question something like that, maybe that is where you should focus.
  4. Look for what the trends are in technology now. What are people leaning towards? What do you hear people talking about? Always have your eyes and ears open to the current trends. All of this may spark something that you want to elaborate on.
  5. Travel if that is possible during a break. See what is happening out there. Look at designs and just try to get some kind of inspiration.
  6. In reading some of other people’s works there may be some instances where you can do the same type of work but change where it is being done or how it is being used. Maybe a building created in a city would be different on a mountainside. How can environment affect the designs?
  7. Think about the new hot buttons. What are the environmental impacts of some of these creations? Can you find something that may help?
  8. Think about world events and the what-ifs. For instance, the twin towers and its design. Can we learn from the past?

What you really need is time to develop your thesis. Don’t force things. If you constantly are aware and looking for your thesis, it will come alive to you. Just be patient and it will come.


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