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A List Of Unique Dissertation Topics On Hospitality Management

Hospitality management is an interesting course to pursue. It brings you closer to nature. However, some hospitality students may have difficulty coming up with unique and under researched dissertation topic for their course work. Choosing a unique and interesting topic will make dissertation writing very easy. The topics will be divided into different categories:

    Sustainability and tourism

    This is one of the unit topics that are taught in a hospitality class. By focusing on factors that may lead to sustainable tourism, students can easily come up with unique topics. Some of the questions that may inspire a topic in this category include:

  • Are there differing sustainability standards in various countries? What impact do they have on tourism?
  • Which approach is more effective: Market based or resource based? A qualitative research can be conducted on this idea.
  • Is there any role that grass-root education play at the local level when it comes to sustainable tourism in developing countries?
  • How far can awareness go to promote sustainable development? A qualitative study can be conducted.

  • General and specific tourism

    Here is a list of questions that can trigger topic inspiration

  • Exploitation and understanding of poverty tourism. The role of the poor (socially and economically disadvantaged) in tourism
  • Medical tourism and factors that trigger it. What is its contribution to tourism?
  • The effect of travel advisory on the tourism sector: The pros and cons of the travel advisories.

  • Marketing, management and tourism

  • How satisfied are the employees working in the hospitality sector? Literature review can be done based on this idea.
  • With the various tourist monitoring systems we have, which one do you think is effective? A cross sectional or longitudinal study can be conducted.
  • What factors can be used to motivate employees in the hospitality industry.

  • Catering

    This category will mostly focus on foods and beverages among other issues affecting the hospitality industry.

  • What foods and drinks to tourists prefer?
  • Fast foods and obesity: The role of balanced diet to healthy living.
  • The demographic variables- sex, education levels- of employees in the sector.

  • Hospitality

  • What factors expose employees to job stress and burn out?
  • Does union membership have any impact on job satisfaction?
  • The debate on frozen and fresh food; what should be served? Why?
  • What factors influence hotel selection among tourists?

Students should avoid complicated, narrow and over researched topics. . Use this company as a guideline for choosing a unique topic.


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