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How To Get A Free Top-Quality Dissertation Literature Review Sample?

The literature review section of any academic assignment is meant to show the reader the previously written work from other sources that the researcher used as reference. It should explain in summary format the concepts that the dissertation in this case is based upon. This section may not make much sense to a new writer at first but with some effort it can be learned. One good method that can be used to do this is collecting samples that have been well written as a model. Here are just a few sources you can use:

Online databases

Research papers of every description can be sources online. The main issue with finding them tends to be that some databases require a membership fee in order to gain full access to the papers. If all you need is a single section you may be able to benefit from free samples of the first few pages. Luckily, the literature review is usually one of the first sections in a paper according to most academic writing formats. Browse to your heart’s content and take notes so that you can use what you see to make your own dissertation better.

Offline libraries

The first databases were libraries and just as you can get valuable samples online you can have similar success in a brick and mortar library. The first stop on this journey should be to ask the library staff where the research papers are located. This saves you time that you might otherwise spend lost in the wrong aisles peering through unrelated material. If you are fortunate, the librarian or whoever is assisting you may even hand you the material you want without making you search for it yourself.

People you usually encounter in academia

Your professor may hand out examples of the various sections of the dissertation to improve the quality of writing he or she must correct. Everyone involved benefits from this. Barring that, look around your class and see who seems to be most informed. The people who fit that description may have already found samples of entire papers and even be willing to share their findings with you for free. You will be more likely to get help if you are on good terms with others in your class.

Once you start writing everything tends to get simpler for you over time. Don’t worry too much about the resources, with these tips you’ll find all that you need.


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