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10 Steps To Creating A Dissertation Proposal On Depression

  1. Dissertation proposals examples. Start is by looking at some examples of dissertation proposals that have already been completed. This will give you an idea not only of the topics you can research but also the way that other students have showcased their plans.
  2. Talk to your professor. They will be able to provide you with a few ideas and examples. They will also talk you through some of the highlights that the academic board will be looking at based on the instructions that you have been given on what you need to include in your work.
  3. Talk to a Mental Health Professional. By doing this you will be able to judge the value of some of your ideas. They can also give you some practical advice on how to complete your work with sensitivity and highlight the need for additional research.
  4. Modern Research. Make sure that you are familiar with modern research in this area. Although you may cite papers and work on which they are based make sure that you keep up to date through journal articles and papers.
  5. Understanding of depression. You will need to make sure that you have complete understanding of how depression affects people and how debilitating it is. You need to be aware of its criteria as an illness and the different treatments and therapies that are available.
  6. Talk to people. Look for case studies. You will need case studies to illustrate some of the points that you will be making in your work. Ideally you may need quotes to substantiate some of the points that you will be making.
  7. Medical Model or Behavioral Model? Decide very early on which model that you are going to adopt. You may also decide to focus on the Humanistic model to explain Depression. Which ever you decide make sure that your reader is aware of the slant that you are taking.
  8. Treatments. Look at the treatments that are available and what are the contraindications for each treatment. For example adolescents with depression do not respond well to talking therapies but they respond well to supported physical activities.
  9. Format for your proposal. Follow the format that has been given to you by your professor. It should follow the typical: Introduction, methodology, discussion and projections plus any additional information that the academic panel need prior to granting you approval.
  10. Compare to to other papers. Show that you know the background to the work that you want to do, cite the work of others and make sure that you list them in your Reference section. Given a broad as well as specialist view of the work that you propose

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