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What Is The Correct Structure Of A Postgraduate Dissertation Methodology

A postgraduate dissertation is not something very difficult, since you already wrote many different pieces during college. You need to collaborate closely with your supervisor to decide what is the best approach. You can search together for the right structure and a suitable topic that will allow you to explore your knowledge and your personal writing style. Study carefully the requirements of the dissertation, to make sure that you don’t miss any important point. Here are some tips that might be useful for your work:

  • Start with a title page. This is an important requirement for any dissertation. On a separate page, you will write the title of your paper, the name of the course, the name of your supervising professor and other similar details. Do not write any supplementary details about the content. Also, be sure that you use the same font that you use in your primary text. You can use bigger letters for the title.
  • Write the abstract of the dissertation. This is supposed to be a brief introduction in the subject, and an explanation on why you chose that particular topic. Here you will mention what research methods you used and why and any other aspect that is important for the reader before you actually present the main text.
  • Make an outline. This will be the main structure on which you will build your dissertation. Here is where you decide how many chapters you will have, and what information you will introduce in each one. Make sure that you choose representative titles for each chapter that will represent clearly the content.
  • Mention the background in the beginning of your essay. You can present a more general idea about the subject, why you chose this topic and how are you planning to analyze it. You can also mention some of the books that you used for research, but without getting into too much detail.
  • Do not forget about the conclusion. At the end of your dissertation you have to present a valid conclusion, based on the evidence that you presented in your content. Do not base this conclusion on assumption or vague information.
  • Proofread the entire project. You have to make sure that the grammar and punctuation are impeccable, and that you have no errors left. Ask the opinion of your supervisor before you submit the dissertation. Profreading services are available at ThesisGeek.

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