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5 Basic Factors To Consider While Choosing Dissertation Writing Services

Writing a dissertation is a very serious and responsible task that shouldn’t be trusted to a dilettante. If, for some reasons, you are not going to struggle with the paper yourself, you may benefit much from hiring one of the numerous online writing services. Take the following factors into consideration when making your final choice:

  1. The company policy.
  2. Does the company provide only dissertation writing services? Is it simultaneously specialized in different types of academic writing? Or, is it multifunctional and you can use it to create technical texts, fiction stories, or blog posts? Undoubtedly, you should select the service that is developed specifically to write dissertations. Moreover, check the principles of hiring the company staff. Are the writers English native speakers only? Or, are there some representatives from the other countries? Believe it or not, but, if English is the writer’s second language, your professor will easily see the difference.

  3. Reputation.
  4. Check the company reputation in all possible sources. Look through the customers’ reviews on the company website. Try to find independent recommendations and reviews in the students’ online communities, forums, and questions-and-answers websites. Decide on the company that has good reputation and positive reviews.

  5. Prices.
  6. Pay close attention to the company prices. Don’t be tempted by the offers to complete your paper at low cost. As a matter of fact, dissertations are very challenging projects, and the quality paper is rather expensive. Moreover, prices may vary, and you may be asked to pay more for the paper on some intricate subject.

  7. Experience.
  8. When choosing the writer within a particular service, be sure to thoroughly check his or her experience. Firstly, it should be the experience in academic writing. Ask for the available samples of different academic papers to check their quality. Secondly, the writer should be specialized in the subject of your dissertation, e.g. have a doctorate or master’s degree in your field of studies. Ask for credentials. And lastly, it is desirable (but not necessary) that he or she have experience of at least one successful dissertation defense.

  9. Customer support.
  10. If there is a strong customer support on the company website, it is more than likely to be professional and reliable. Good dissertation writing services are available 24/7. You can contact them both online and by phone. Moreover, you are encouraged to constantly keep in touch with your writer, follow the writing process, make your suggestions, and ask for revisions. Choose the company that listens to your needs and constantly asks the questions.


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