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Dissertation Ideas On US Politics: 20 Suggestions From Experts

The dissertation challenges a regular college student, to assume the role of a professional, in order to complete a paper that can measure up to the standards of papers done by real researchers. This means excellent topic selection, proper planning and hard work, something most students should be familiar with.

The first step in writing any paper is the selection of the topic, this has the ability to significantly affect the outcome of a paper, as well as the author’s ability to complete it. Good authors are always very careful to select a topic that allows them to acquire the information they need. You can consider this expert list of 20 dissertation topic ideas on US politics:

  1. How has the repercussions of the September 11th event affected the way US politicians deal with issues concerning international relations with all countries?
  2. Did the September 11th attacks prove that the enormous spending on defense by the US government is unjustified?
  3. What are the main reasons for the 9/11 attacks being executed in the way they were?
  4. How do countries from around the world regard the US policy of “policing the world” ?
  5. What does it say when certain countries are able to boldly ignore US regulations against the development of nuclear weapons?
  6. Why does the US feel threatened when countries, such as China, begin to be recognized and world powers?
  7. Is the fact that there are more US dollars circulating out of the US than within a bad thing for the future of the Us economy?
  8. What are the biggest obstacles faced by the US when attempting to establish foreign policies?
  9. Based on the US’s military spending, can it be said that the US is attempting to achieve world domination?
  10. What roles do the countries allied with the US play in the big picture?
  11. How did the establishment of the Euro affect US political decisions?
  12. Does it matter that the current president of the US is colored?
  13. What does it mean when military activities carried out by the US are deemed successful?
  14. Are US leaders usually honest persons?
  15. What would happen if the US became a communist country?
  16. Which body has more power, the US or the UN?
  17. Is travel still being affected by the events of the September 11th attack?
  18. Is the US ready for a female president?
  19. What would happen if future leaders reinstated the laws against marijuana?
  20. Do politicians benefit from terrorism?

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