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Finding A Proper Dissertation Prospectus Template: A Quick Guide

Many people consider a dissertation prospectus to be a kind of paradoxical piece of writing. It’s not quite an abstract – which is simply a summary of a large research paper, thesis or dissertation – nor is it an introduction; it’s a piece that attempts to explain what you have planned before you’ve actually started. It’s usually a rather short document of about 3000 – 4000 words, which preliminarily describes your proposal. Since most students will be writing a prospectus for the first time, it’s imperative that they look for a sample or template to help them construct one of their own. Here are some great places to find a temple:

Check Your Department’s Homepage

Each department will have its own set of requirements when it comes to dissertation writing. That’s why it’s important you check the department’s homepage before going anywhere else for a sample. You should be able to find several downloadable forms and templates that you should follow in their entirety. If you are in doubt then you can always ask your advisor for verification.

Purchase a Template from a Professional Writing Service

If you can afford to do so, then you might want to simply purchase a template from a professional writing service. They will research your discipline and ensure that you get a proper example to use as guide. Ideally, you should even give the writing service an idea of your preliminary topic. This will help the service better structure your template so that it better resembles what you should aim to achieve with your version.

Get One from a Former Graduate Student

When you’re in college or graduate school it’s always a good idea to acquaint yourself with a former student, in order to glean whatever helpful information you can get. Talk to a former graduate student and see if you could get a hold of a sample or a template. If he or she doesn’t have one, then ask if they know of any resources and if they are willing to review your version when it’s complete. Any help can pay dividends down the line.

Find a Dissertation Writing Guide in Your Discipline

Book publishers have had tremendous success printing expertly written writing guides for just about every discipline of study. You must be a serious student if you are working to earn your PhD so it makes sense you give yourself all the tools you can get a hold of. Purchase a writing guide early and keep it within arm’s reach of your desk. There you will find all you need to write a great prospectus.


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