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Common Mistakes You Should Stay Away From While Writing Your Dissertation

No one is perfect and even if you try your best in everything you attempt, it’s possible for your fallibility to come back and haunt you at just the worst moment when you write your dissertation. You can be imperfect and still avoid some of the simplest mistakes. Here are a few things to consider in this goal:


Imagining you have more time than you actually do can make a huge dent in your dissertation’s quality. Worse yet, procrastination tends to be insidious. You don’t realise you’ve done it until there’s very little time left and you begin to panic. To counteract this, create a schedule of all the activities you need to complete. Reward yourself for every event that you complete within its designated time slot. If you have the discipline you can also punish yourself for missing goals. Over the course of your dissertation you will curb your desire to put things off.

Formatting fumbles

There are many types of academic writing style out there to try. Make sure you know which one your dissertation is meant to follow and what rules it comes with. It’s not that hard as a beginner to find information about the wrong format and apply it especially in a subject area that can frequently use more than one. If your format confuses you, get your hands on the guide book, review the website and look for sample dissertations written in the way yours should turn out. If all of this fails, get a template. This will allow you to just put together the information and have the template format it on your behalf.

Absent Editing

If you recall, earlier in this article fallibility was mentioned more than once. This carries over quite naturally into editing and proofreading. A dissertation may be amazingly well written in almost every way and still get poor grades because the writer forgot to check it over. This step is crucial but so simple that it often gets forgotten. If you feel like you can’t handle it on your own, ask someone to do it for you. If no one will do this for you, hire an editor. The money will be well spent and you will have the freedom to deal with other parts of your dissertation.

These three tips are only the most crucial for you to remember but with them you can easily avoid some of those common mistakes.

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