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List Of 15 Fresh Dissertation Ideas About Computer Forensics

The moment is getting closer and closer, and you need to take control of your study schedule. You will have to submit your dissertation in only a few months, and you still did not find an interesting topic about computer forensics. To get this off your mind and help you start your project, check out these fresh ideas:

  1. Internet security. For example, you can talk about how one can protect a Police database in successful way. This would require not only a program able to handle a large volume of information, but also a very advanced protection system.
  2. Online payment. Is it safe to keep our money in online banks? How can we be sure that they will not be under cybernetic attack?
  3. The speed of the Internet. Explain why in some parts of the world the internet is very fast, and in other parts of the world one can barely download in song in less than a few hours. What is the difference?
  4. The future of the Internet. Try to imagine the world after a few years and how accessible the internet can be.
  5. Are people closer or more far away because of the Internet?
  6. Online libraries. Should you have to pay for them?
  7. Downloading music and movies without paying; why is it illegal?
  8. The beginning of the Internet. How did all start? How was it working in the beginning?
  9. The first computer. Who invented it and why?
  10. Storage methods; what are the best ways to store data nowadays? What do you expect to happen in the next 20 years?
  11. Internet bullying. Although many teenagers tend to take this in funny way, the reality is that bullying is dangerous, no matter if it happens in real life or on the internet.
  12. Personal data. We all know that it’s not good to reveal personal data about ourselves on the Internet. Now much should we share?
  13. Internet shopping. Is it safe?
  14. Optimize your computer! How can you make it better?
  15. A beginner’s guide. Explain to your colleagues how can a beginner learn to use a computer. In this guide you can consider children or senior, but either way you will have to come up with useful solutions and things that one can do.

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