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How To Find A Good PhD Dissertation Editing Service

The PhD dissertation is the most important piece of writing in your academic career and your business career. When you have spent two semesters researching and writing it, you want to make sure that you hire the proper person to edit and to polish the paper. The paper will be your entry into your career and it will be published. There are a few good places where you can get this assistance.

Editing Services

  • See your advisor- you advisor can give you recommendations on who the local freelance editing experts are and how you can get in touch with them. Your advisor is a great source of information for all your PhD dissertation needs, so do not hesitate to ask them for help.
  • Post at a freelance site-post your needs at a freelance site and have prospective writers bid on your job. You will want to see their previous editing job, before and after, read their profile comments, and look at any references they have listed.
  • Visit the writing lab-if you go the lab, which is manned by a professional, you can use their editing services. Some schools have free writing lab services and some schools charge, so ask what the policy might be. If you school does not have a writing lab, see if other area schools have one and if it has public access.
  • Hire a writing company-you can hire an online or in person writing company to proof the dissertation for you. Do ask for references, all fees, and the delivery rate. Then search the company for customer reviews. If you know friends who have sued one then ask them for references.
  • Hire a tutor- a tutor will cost you more money, but you will get more personalized services. You will probably have set appointments and you may be charged if you have to miss any of them. The rules are very strict with a tutor.
  • Consider a graduate student –go to the English department and see if you can employ an English graduate student who specializes in writing. There will be many to select from, so ask to see the work he or she has done. Then ask for reference that you can call and check.

Any or all of these places can be used for your PhD dissertation editing services. Just look around and see which one is the best fit for you.


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