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15 Great Possible Dissertation Topics For University Students

When you enter your university, you need to start thinking and planning for your dissertation. This is a critical project if you want to have your final degree. The topic of the dissertation is the first thing you need to determine.

Topics for university dissertations that will impress your professors

  1. The relationship between spirituality and self-acknowledgement- Do people on the way of wisdom receive sarcasm and unwelcomed opinions from their friends and family
  2. What is the basic flaw in the western family system? Is it fool-proof in your opinion or is there a better family system in the world else where
  3. What is the reason for increasing rape and violence rates in the western society when we claim to give everyone a freedom of speech and an equal right to live
  4. If everyone seems to hate or dislike adult content and speak against it in public discussions why is their ranking top searched on the web
  5. Was Fifty shades of Grey just a hype or is there something worth watching in the movie itself
  6. Will there be lesser teen pregnancies and abortions if sex was not a social taboo? Is it the responsibility of the parents or teachers to give sexual awareness to kids? Should school syllabus include sexual awareness courses with or without the consent of the parents?
  7. Does the government have any control over the increasing drug abuse in teens? Do the secret agencies play a role in monitoring the smuggling and usage of drugs
  8. What is exploitation of labor in a corporate world? Is it possible for businesses to maximize their profit margins without exploiting the employees?
  9. Why does the government lay emphasis on vaccinations but no attention paid to children dying of hunger?
  10. What is the reason for increasing obesity rates in developed countries? In the US more children die of obesity than starvation
  11. How to control the increasing divorce rates and failed marriages in today’s culture
  12. What is the effect of war on economy? Does production of warfare products reduce the production possibility of consumables?
  13. How can a liaison manager control and overlook the production department along with finance department
  14. The role of directors in a company overtakes the importance of Chief Executive officers
  15. Music is the medicine of mind. Explain the cancer patient therapies with music and religious verses that rhyme

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